A Note From Ruta...


This letter provides some current information about The Thalians.

This is a year of monumental changes here and abroad. For 60 years we Thalians have been a spotlight, shining into the darkness of mental disease and bringing it into the light of healing.

You, our patrons, have been with us all along the way. I am eternally grateful for your loyalty and loving generosity in helping us build and support The Thalians Mental Health Center. While our focus has changed, The Thalians multi-million dollar endowment to Cedars-Sinai will continue to provide in perpetuity a beacon of hope for the mentally ill.

With your financial help and the unstinting gifts of time, talent and energy of the brightest Hollywood luminaries – we made miracles! Those miracles include bettering the lives of millions whose names we may never know…but in whose prayers we will always be.


…After a half century of leadership Debbie and Ruta are stepping down into Emeritus status. The Debbie/Ruta team will always be Thalians and mentors. However, it is time for new Thalians to take center stage with new programs and events emphasizing young Hollywood talent and leadership.

…I am pleased to announce that Kira Lorsch has accepted the enormous role of President, in which she will be invaluable.

…We relocated our office from The Thalians Building at Cedars-Sinai to:
15451 San Fernando Mission Blvd. Suite 100, Mission Hills, CA. 91345 with a new phone number 818-792-4510.

…We sincerely thank our former office administrator, Lila Niles, for her 26 years of devoted service. Without her participation and steadfast resolve, we would not have accomplished as much as we have.  We wish her the very best.

…We Thalians are now turning our attention to a profound need…that of our returning soldiers and veterans. We are devoting our efforts to the Mental Health of our Wounded Warriors. We owe them a great debt of gratitude. They deserve the best care America can provide.

… UCLA’S “OPERATION MEND” founded by philanthropist Ron Katz, heals the body, mind and spirit of our heroes! Dr. Timothy A. Miller, Dr. Tom Strouse and their amazing teams, are guardian angels – healing broken bodies and minds of our veterans. Together let us lovingly and gratefully provide support for that care which will add to, and further the amazing history and legacy of THE THALIANS.

…Speaking of legacy, as Debbie and I step down we are proud of our more than half century of dedication to the Mental Health of our community. The high esteem in which The Thalians is held worldwide is most rewarding.

With great joy and gratitude I thank Kira and Bob Lorsch for having assumed the chairmanship and responsibility of our wildly successful and most profitable 55th Gala at The Playboy Mansion.

My love and unending thanks to our THALIANS GOVERNORS, BOARD MEMBERS and COMMITTEE MEMBERS for their continuing hours of selfless dedication to Mental Health.

Debbie, my beloved best friend and sister in charity has been an inspiring guide to me, and all The Thalians, from the very beginning. She continues to inspire the new generation.

Above all, YOU…dearest friends, who listen and answer our requests for support, are the pillars that hold us up. You contribute in so many ways…filling the need, and also my heart with joy.

May God continue to smile on you and yours…AMEN!

With undying love and gratitude,