In an effort to continue with our mission pioneered by The Thalians of helping individuals of all ages and disabilities with their mental health needs, the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health has established its involvement to include psychiatric research. Research provides a mechanism by which the department can play an integral part in the advancement of the understanding of psychiatric disorders and in improving the quality of life for those individuals who suffer from diseases and disorders of the brain. Dr. Russell Poland, a researcher of national reputation, will lead the department's research efforts as the Director of Psychiatric Research. Projects already underway are focused on Depression, Dementia, Developmental Disabilities in Children and DNA Sequencing in Psychiatric illness. As you can see, it is an exciting time for the department.

Psychiatric Research is just one of the areas where the department is expanding its efforts to meet the needs of the community. Telepsychiatry continues to grow to include sites in both Central and Northern California. This innovative service has allowed us to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic evaluations and treatment recommendations to developmentally disabled individuals who are in other parts of the state without access to such care. In support of this special needs population, we have increased our sponsorship of the California Special Sports Winter Games at Mammoth Mountain to include the Summer Games at Northstar in Lake Tahoe.

The department remains invested in making a difference in the community and we will continue with our efforts to provide the best in psychiatric patient care, community education and outreach and research.

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